GIOFERRARI is style, freedom, icon and history.

GIOFERRARI born from the passion for knitwear and is entirely designed, styled, produced and distributed by Doratex srl.


the world of quality Italian knitwear, which stands out for its color and imagination and which interprets a sporty, casual chic and free lifestyle.


Revolutionary knitwear suitable for hot and cold climates, for all seasons ...


wearing a GIOFERRARI garment you can enhance your personality and feel free from any conditioning.


comfort and style make the garments, light, pleasant and easy to wear.

italian Soul

the rigorous selection of the most qualified raw materials is the basis of the production process that is entirely made in Italy.


the passion for quality and research have allowed us to achieve excellent results.


style, design and research interpret the taste and way of life and typically Italian.


the great technical and interpretative ability to work and treat yarns, knitwear points, the great sense of color and the know-how gained in over 60 years of experience, have allowed us to develop a traditional knitwear with extreme attention to innovation that interfaces with different cultures in the global context ...