GIOFERRARI is eclectic male knitwear for international free spirits who are up to speed with the latest thing.

A funky crossover take on casual chic style knitwear. Different communication campaigns stand out over the various ages.
The products are split into different groups: classic, sports, casual. For younger and more mature men alike.

The raw materials of this section are a broad selection of  Italian yarnspure merino, super geelong wool, as well as pure and mixed cashmere  which are embellished and treated with natural materials and previously unused treatments.

A valid alternative is represented by the  sweatshirt, also available knitted and in jersey, which has been developed in a very wide range of colors.

In addition, the collection GIOFERRARI reaches out to the outerwear and leisure time sector,  and is a product synonymous of quality, innovation, SOUNDS”Italian” with always updated proposals for interesting fashion, not extremes. Always renewing the product and recently the brand, GIOFERRARI with its white background and  bordeau writing, creates a new outfit.

The line GIOFERRARI started from the international markets and later interested in the national market returned with a new dimension and new proposals.

Now  the style has been entrusted to a young team that continues to make it contemporary, the style and performance increase the value of the product content.

Its mission is to reaffirm the primacy of beautiful Italian knitwear for men on the international markets by focusing on quality and innovation.

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